Privium Fund Management B.V. (‘Privium-NL’) is a Dutch fund manager, based in Amsterdam. Privium-NL is authorised and regulated as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) according to the Alternative Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD”) by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (‘AFM’) ( Privium-NL is also regulated by the Dutch Central Bank (‘DNB’) ( As an AIFM Privium-NL operates several funds with a wide range of investment strategies. 

New Investment Initiatives

Privium-NL has developed several investment strategies and is always looking for new initiatives. The set-up of our funds and investment capacity is depended both on the investment strategy as well as the investor base. Our portfolio managers are fully focused on carrying out the investment strategy.

As Privium-NL is the regulated manager our compliance oversight, risk management and appointment of different service providers result in the periodic reporting to our regulator and the disclosure of the key investor information. We kindly refer you to the section ‘Our Funds’ on the website.

All of the funds managed by Privium-NL in The Netherlands have been approved by the AFM. Our disclosure documents can be found on this website. Most of the funds managed by Privium-NL are domiciled in The Netherlands.

Existing Investment Strategies

Privium-NL is operating different investment strategies. From open-ended funds with very liquid investment to the closed-end funds with less liquid or illiquid investments. Based on the assessment of the investments and its -potential- investors we develop the investment structure. 

For existing managers we often provide knowledge and insights based on our experience.  ​


Privium-NL manages several funds promoting environmental and social characteristics (SFDR article 8) and dedicated impact investment funds with a sustainable objective (SFDR article 9). All required pre-contractual and policy disclosures on these funds can be found on the Strategies Amsterdam page.

Please read more about how Privium-NL approaches disclosure of sustainability risks and consideration of Principal Adverse Impacts.

Marketing & Distribution

Depending on the investment strategy end the targeted investor base Privium-NL distributes funds through an extensive network of non-retail investors, for example family offices, fund of funds, foundations and private banks. For some of our funds we we employ outside experts to assist us.

More information:
Mark Baak
Tel: +31 20 46 26 644

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