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No, in addition to onshore and offshore fund structure Privium operates managed accounts and other bespoke structures.

Yes, Privium is set up with different execution and prime brokers. Depending on the investment strategy we set-up electronic connectivity.

No, Privium works with a wide range of fund administrators for this activity. For control purposes we do not provide this service ourselves.


As Privium is the regulated manager we take care of compliance, investment oversight, risk management and appointment of different service providers. We also take care of all reporting related duties to investors and regulators.
There is no fixed timeline for setting up a fund which we can promise. The process depends on the many parties, for example the regulator, partners, and the portfolio manager. If the portfolio manager is completely done with his/her preparations (strategy set in stone and investors to seed the fund), then the average time to start the fund is roughly three months.
This is a decision made by the portfolio manager. We can trade and hedge if that is preferred. However, the portfolio manager can also decide to do these things him/herself.
No, at Privium we are an AIFMD regulated firm. All of our funds are fully regulated and it is therefore not possible to set up a fund in the registration regime.
We use our extensive network to introduce the strategy to investors for whom it might be interesting. We do not charge anything for this service and therefore we also promise no additional inflows from this.


To become an FCA authorised Appointed Representative is a two-part process, the Appointed Representative (“AR”) application (company) and the associated Approved Persons (“AP”) applications (individual).

In receipt of receiving all the requested documentation we typically see the AR application approval to take 7-10 days and the following AP applications to take around 3 weeks.

Yes, Privium does provide Investment Advisory/Management agreements in relation to your business and clients.
48 hours, however we endeavour to approve documents as soon as possible depending on the size.
Privium can facilitate fund marketing in the US by virtue of filing as an Exempt Reporting Adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission. For Third Party Marketer ARs, Privium has a relationship with a US broker-dealer regarding the chaperoning requirements.
Yes, the primary filing that is relevant for our ARs is Annex IV for those with an Alternative Investment Fund (“AIF”) where Privium is the manager of the AIF. Further, as an Appointed Representative you are not subject to the FCA’s capital requirements. These requirements fall on Privium as Principal and all relevant FCA reports are taken care of by us.
Yes, all compliance policies and the compliance manual will be provided and face to face training is provided by the compliance team. Privium also implements a pragmatic yet robust monitoring plan in conjunction with its Appointed Representatives.

Hong Kong

No, Privium only has an SFC Type-9 licence. However, this licence enables Privium to deal in securities (Type-1) and/or advise on securities (Type-4) if these activities are carried out solely for the purpose of your asset management business. For private equity funds, Privium’s Type-9 licence covers co-investments if these are offered to investors in the fund.

Depending on the fit and properness of the applicant and other criteria maintained by the SFC, the registration process normally takes around 68 weeks.

No, it is not possible to make use of our office. Our clients have their own office space in Hong Kong that suits their needs and preferences. Based on availability, we are able to connect you to serviced office providers in Hong Kong. For aadditional fee, you will have the option to make use of our company address for regulatory purposes.

No, we do not engage in any trading activity for our clients in Hong Kong. Nor do we hold any of our clients’ assets in custody. For some of our clients in Europe, we do support their investment strategy by performing currency hedges, for example.

In order to conduct asset management activity in Hong Kong, you will need to be registered as a Licensed Representative of Privium with the Securities and Futures Commission and be deemed fit and proper. One condition for this is that you are employed by Privium. This includes monthly salary payments and enrolment in our Mandatory Provident Fund scheme.


Depending on the fit and properness of the applicant and other criteria maintained by the MAS, the registration process normally takes around 2 to 4 weeks.
No, it is not possible to make use of our office. Our clients have their own office space in Singapore that suits their needs and preferences. Based on availability, we are able to connect you to serviced office providers in Singapore.
No, Privium offers a selection of service providers and counterparties from which clients may choose the most appropriate for their requirements.

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