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PGU Global Tech Inflection Point SP

PGU Global Tech Inflection Fund SP is a global low net long/short TMT equity hedge fund. Our team is deeply rooted in the growth tech scene in China, the US and Europe, something that we believe is unique given the profiles we observe in the industry. We have been in tech investing for more than 15 years, through various tech and macro cycles with different EM/DM correlations. This experience has informed our risk management approach with the conscious decision to adopt a low net exposure and well-managed gross exposure. Low net exposure guarantees our investors that the returns they receive are driven by alpha.

We select stocks on the long and short side based on industry insights around emerging technology trends, that will drive meaningful upward or downward earnings revisions within a three-year window. We are in the early stage of many transformational trends, which we believe will not only impact structure and weight of segments in the economy but will also change the way we look at growth and cycles. Detailed, bottom-up company analysis is performed to quantify risk-rewards on each position.

We aim to deliver outstanding liquid performance in both up and down markets, and to compare favourably to top illiquid growth VC returns.

PMC Managed Futures SP

PMC Managed Futures SP is a segregated portfolio of Miran Segregated Portfolio Company. The SP seeks to obtain absolute returns in most market environments by constructing a diversified, quantitative-based, multi-asset portfolio of liquid exchange-traded futures. By capturing intra-day or short-term trends in financial markets, the SP has produced positive, uncorrelated returns. Broad diversification across markets and strategies optimise the risk-return profile.

The portfolio manager employs a combination of statistical methods, technical data and practical trading experience to identify systematic trading strategies to extract alpha, in either up or down-market environments. Founded in 2013, the SP has won numerous industry awards for best Asia-based managed futures hedge fund.


At SystematicEdge, we specialize in systematic multi-asset class investment, cash management and risk hedging solutions. SystematicEdge was founded because we saw a gap in the market for professional and institutional investors who were looking for safety, transparency and performance, with greater ease of access to sophisticated, institutional-level investment solutions.

We believe traditional asset & wealth management are at an inflection point. Subsequently, to fully benefit the end investor, we are focused on leveraging new technologies, coupled with quantitative research to offer compelling investment, cash management and risk hedging solutions while compressing costs at all levels of the investment process. 

Since 2015, we have successfully designed, implemented and managed multi-asset class strategies, based on two robust return drivers: carry and value. Our goal is to accumulate income while preserving capital for the investors regardless of market conditions. We use a proprietary systematic investment process which is based on clear investment rules, designed to produce positive returns that are repeatable and consistent over time while minimizing costs at all levels of the investment process.

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