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Privium wants to build long-term relationships with its managers, investors and service providers. We continuous look to provide added value, expertise and insights in the work that we do. We pride ourselves in benefiting from our global presence and network while remaining nimble and pragmatic.

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We are your trusted and independent partner


Privium is a global innovative investment management firm. We enable skilled and experienced portfolio management teams to focus on their core activity: investing and generating returns for investors.

Privium’s offering includes start-up support, compliance, fund structuring, marketing assistance, investment management oversight, middle office operations and risk management.

Privium is an investment management company that offers both offshore and onshore (AIF & UCITS) structures, for alternative and traditional asset classes across different jurisdictions.


Established in 2008, award-winning Privium Fund Management is a global group of companies providing fund management services and investment management solutions. The founder and its directors have all enjoyed prestigious careers in prime brokerage, accountancy, banking and fund management. 

Originally starting out with hedge funds and fund of funds, Privium has developed into an all-round fund management company for both traditional and alternative asset classes.

Keeping up-to-date with a changing regulatory environment is a core strength of Privium’ s activities. Through our dialogue with various investors, regulators and market participants we stay on top of major developments so our partners and clients do not have to.

Global Presence

Privium has offices in London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York as well as a representative office in Shanghai. It als operates umbrella fund structures in Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands. 

Activities in London, Amsterdam, Singapore and Hong Kong are regulated. Our offices in New York and Shanghai complete our network and give allocators and emerging/existing fund managers in the US and China markets direct access to Privium’s licensed activities.

Fund Setup

The set-up of a fund is a delicate task to ensure that you build something that will help you at the start, support you during the growth and is flexible enough to cope with different demands from investors.

Privium is your international partner in getting it right.

Existing Fund Manager

The development of an investment management business may need dealing with different feeder structures, managed accounts or regulatory demands.

Privium will support you in your growth.


Investing in hedge/private equity funds is a process where you want to benefit from the broadest possible expertise.

Privium has the experience and expertise that will help you in making the right selection.

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