We are proud to be actively working with students in all of our locations. To understand how next generations see the financial sector and pass on as much knowledge as we can about the different investment strategies under our management. 

If you are interested in intern opportunities please contact us using the form below.

Please read more below about the activities we currently do with students.

Asset Management Tour

Privium office: Amsterdam

Giving master in finance students of study association FSR (Rotterdam) and FSA (Amsterdam) an introduction into asset management. Generally we do this activity together with a specific fund or a partner who can delve deeper into their investment strategy, investment decision making and portfolio construction process. 

Investment Week

Privium office: Amsterdam

Giving masters in finance students of the B&R Beurs and FSR student association (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) an overview of how to select investments. Known before as Hedge Fund Day organised by the Erasmus Investment Society, Privium’s contribution was focussed then on hedge fund selection. 

London Finance Tour

Privium office: Amsterdam, London

Giving MBA and finance students of the FSR student association the opportunity to learn about financing acquisitions. 

Networks of interest for students:

  • Follow on studies: CAIA AssociationCFA and VBA
  • Alternatives 4 Children (Amsterdam, London). Alternative investment charity financing educational projects in Asia and Africa. Always looking for support from students to make their events happen. 
  • Female x Finance (Amsterdam). New organisation set up to remove the barriers for female talents to enter the financial sector.
  • Help for Children Asia (New York, Singapore & Hong Kong). The global alternative investment industry charity committed to the prevention and treatment of child abuse.

Privium’s curated read, watch and listen list

  • Fooling some of the people all of the time (shorting a company with odd accounting methods)
    Writer: David Einhorn
  • When genius failed (about LTCM)
    Writer: Roger Lowenstein
  • The Big Short (about a great investing opportunity, before and during the great financial crisis)
    Writer: Michael Lewis
  • Hedge fund market wizards (describing or interviewing hedge fund managers)
    Writer: Jack D. Schwager
  • Confidence game (about Bill Ackman)
    Writer: Christine  S. Richard
  • Billion $ Whale 
    Writers: Tom Wright & Bradley Hope
  • Man for all markets 
    Writer: Edward Thorpe
  • Red Notice 
    Writer: Bill Browder
  • Reminiscences of a stick operator 
    Writer: Edwin Lefevre
  • Market Wizards series 
    Writer: Jack Schwager
  • The Complete Turtletrader 
    Writer: Michael Covel
  • A Practioner’s Guide to Factor Models 
    Writer: Edwin Burmeister
  • Where are the Customers’ Yachts? Or A Good Hard Look at Wall Street 
    Writer: Fred Schwed
  • Ethics in Finance: Case Studies from a Womans Life on Wall Street 
    Writer: Kara Than Bala
  1. (Dutch) Beurstalk
  2. (Dutch) Jong Beleggen
  3. (Dutch) At the Money
  4. (Dutch) De Aandeelhouder
  5. (Dutch) Daalder Denkt Hardop

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