Privium Fund Management accelerates global growth into the US with opening of New York office

Privium Fund Management (hereafter ‘Privium´) is proud to announce the opening of its first US office in January 2023, which will be located in 45 Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan, New York. Privium Fund Management Services LLC is an unregulated entity. It will support portfolio managers, traders and asset allocators from the US in expediting their market access to Asia, United Kingdom and Europe by leveraging Privium’s teams and regulated entities in these markets. This expansion is a strategic move for Privium as the US office will accelerate its global growth. 

As Clayton Heijman, Group CEO and Founder of Privium Fund Management, elaborates: “We are excited to be opening an office in New York, one of the key financial markets of the world. Since our launch in 2008 we have supported numerous investment professionals by making their ambition a reality. We recognised that the US market is an important piece that was missing in Privium’s global picture. We are now able to offer US portfolio managers support in expanding outside the US. At the same time, our US office is a stepping stone for our existing non-US portfolio managers that want to explore opportunities in the US market as well.” 

Heading up the New York office will be Vanessa Hemavathi who is currently part of the Privium Hong Kong team and will be moving to New York to lead this expansion. 

“Having lived in Asia for a vast number of years I am keen to share the intricacies of the Asian, but also the UK & the European financial markets”, says Hemavathi. “Working with the right business partner, when managers want to expand abroad is important. The expertise that Privium has developed regarding regulation, compliance and distribution in local markets can help save time and costs”. 

Hemavathi brings a wealth of experience to the US market, having worked in Singapore and Hong Kong for over 15+ years with firms such as the Wall Street Journal. Hemavathi is a Global Board Member at Help for Children, sits on the Hong Kong AIMA development committee and is a CAIA charter holder.  

Read more about the service Vanessa will be able to provide from our New York office here.


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