What we offer




Privium Fund Management offers skilled and experienced portfolio management teams a solution which lets them focus on their core activity: investing and generating returns for investors. The service solution Privium is offering includes start-up support, fund structuring, investment management oversight, portfolio management, middle office, risk management and compliance.

For end investors Privium is a Fund Manager that combines knowledge and experience about alternatives investing, including sustainable alternatives. This combination allows us to be the bridge between investor demand and value added portfolio management solutions.


Your challenge

All investment management teams see themselves confronted with the same problem: too many tasks, too little overview and taking too long to start up.


Our solution

Privium Fund Management provides parties with a one-stop solution. Our approach is to develop a solid and best in-class solution.



Setting up an investment fund can be tedious and costly exercise. Delays in getting approval, expert opinions that differ, decisions on systems, hiring staff etc.

Privium has created an all-in solution that allows parties to concentrate on your main objective: delivering performance to investors.



Privium allows you to grow while your assets grow and in the meantime you benefit immediately from the institutional infrastructure that investors require you to have. As you grow your business over time, we grow with you.



Instead of a complex business project and large upfront investments you benefit from the flexible, scalable solutions Privium developed and economies of scale that we negotiated. Due to our many years of experience we are able to save you both time and money.



Our activities are charged in a clear and transparent manner. Privium offers you different scalable elements to start and to grow your business. Since we review the entire process from inception to start, various inefficiencies can be avoided.