Middle Office Services

A solid infrastructure and capable handling of the transactions delivers peace of mind with both portfolio managers and investors. Privium runs a solid, regulated infrastructure with an experienced team to support. Having connections with all major prime brokers, administrators and accountants we are agnostic on the final structure that works best. A smooth handling of transactions, margin calls and reports allows for minimal delays and interruption.


Risk Management

Independent risk monitoring is a key requirement for funds when presenting to professional investors. It is also a strict requirement under most new regulations. We review activities in a qualitative and quantitative manner. We provide an independent opinion as part of a multi-layer risk monitoring approach.



With our accredited system and infrastructure providers one can immediately leave an institutional impression. Direct links are set up with various prime brokers, administrators and custodians in order to have a seamless process. This allows for efficient reconciliation, settlement and margin call follow-ups. Our infrastructure through the Bloomberg network and other vendor or bespoke systems allows our clients to work from different global locations.



Through our continuous involvement in industry groups (AIMA, etc) we are on top of international developments. With more international regulation coming into effect you require a knowledgeable partner.


Office facilities

Privium can assist you with a (fully equipped) office space in several locations either on a temporary basis or as a long-term solution. IT equipment can be installed according to your requirements. We will ensure that the set-up is compliant with the guidelines of the relevant regulator.



On a daily basis various operational checks and balances will have to take place. From the reconciliation of executed transactions and cash positions to the follow-up of several corporate actions and failed settlements. Privium through Darwin has an operational infrastructure that links into the networks of different brokers, banks and administrators.

For more information about our business partner: Darwin Platform: www.darwinplatform.com