About us

Privium Fund Management (‘Privium’) is a leading edge professional financial services organization with a proven track record in investment management solutions.

Privium is building investment solutions, together with best in class portfolio managers, based on institutional infrastructure.

Profile & History

Privium Fund Management is an international company with representation in major financial centres. Based on experiences from different backgrounds of the investment industry Privium is the ideal business partner for you.

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The Privium team has their background in all important elements of the investment management industry.  With the experience of investment banks, accountancy, fund administration and investment management we cover all angles.  We are proud of the international reach of our experiences, both onshore as well as offshore.

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What we offer

Privium Fund Management offers portfolio management teams a platform of services that lets them focus on their core activities; investing and generating returns. These services vary from start up support and fund structuring to middle office and compliance monitoring.

For end investors Privium is the ideal industry expert bringing together both knowledge and experience. This combination allows us to be both a sounding board and provider of a range of solutions.

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Privium has offices in London, Amsterdam and Hong-Kong. It also operates umbrella fund structures in Luxembourg, Cayman Islands, Netherlands and the Channel Islands. Our London office is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our Amsterdam office is supervised and regulated by the Authority for Financial Markets (AFM).

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